Saturday Spotlight: Elizabeth Suzann

 Elizabeth Pape of Elizabeth Suzann.

Elizabeth Pape of Elizabeth Suzann.

After a busy week at work and lots of holiday overtime, I'm so excited to take a second of relaxation and prepare this weeks Saturday Spotlight. I'm featuring a dear friend and incredible talent: Elizabeth Suzann. I've been waiting to share these photos with everyone, anticipating the perfect moment. This girl is an inspiration and a rising star, raised in the sunshine state, and prospering in Nashville, TN. She holds onto her southern roots and keeps her process simple and humble. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for 6 years now and I feel lucky to have watched her grow into the designer she is today.

To begin with, Elizabeth is a pleasure to know and spend time with. She's down to earth with an almost unhealthy obsession with her spotted dachshunds and diet coke. We met back in college during simpler times when we worried more about our next beach day than anything else. She's matured into a savvy business woman with an eye for elegant designs. Her husband is an incredibly hardworking law student at Vanderbilt Law School and together they've created a happy home listening to local musicians and focusing on their futures. Elizabeth has her own her sun kissed studio space where she spends most days drafting and sewing her one-of-a-kind pieces. She occasionally hosts her own photoshoots and allows lucky viewers to preview and purchase designs straight out of her studio space.

Smarter garments, simpler clothes, better fabrics.
— Elizabeth Pape

Quality is of the utmost importance to Elizabeth and can be seen in every garment she creates. They're designed to last for years and with some kind of magic, she's managed to produce clothes that only get softer as you wear them. She ignores the ignorance and disposable outcomes of the typical fashion calendar and instead designs pieces meant to be worn year round in many different forms and ways- relevant for every season and every occasion. Simplicity is key, in order to add versatility to each product and allow them to adapt to your personal and unique style. She uses only natural plant and protein based materials and hand dyes/prints most of her designs, keeping her line delicate and soft-spoken, but timeless and hand-crafted.

Her online shop has been up and running for quite some time now, but she's constantly adding new products, redesigning her site and updating her journal. She includes a personal touch in every aspect of her company and hand wraps each order and sends it out with well designed packaging to anywhere, both domestic and international. Her branding is strong but feminine, with a touch of country charm.

She's a busy bee and always finds time to sit down at her studio for productive creative sessions, along with keeping up with local fairs and markets. She can be spotted at the renowned Porter Flea in Nashville, or traveling with confidence to partake in events such as Renegade Craft Fair: Chicago and Brooklyn. Her schedule keeps her active and in return, we're blessed with multiple new designs and breathtaking ideas put to work by her own two hands.

I urge you to browse her store and indulge in the precious materials and precise designs. She offers beautiful dresses and tops, along with accessories and her fabulous cashmere/wool coat featured at the Renegade Craft Fair. The thoughtfully prepared clothes are chic and current yet classic and immortal. I can't stop raving about Elizabeth and everything she does! We love you, Elizabeth Suzann! It's an honor to call you my friend and I cannot wait to see where tomorrow brings you. You deserve all the success in the world. You're an inspiration to all independent designers and the hard working artists keeping true to their morals. Cheers, my love!