Elaine + Corey

'til game over

We met up with Corey and Elaine yesterday to hand over their final products, grab a coffee and see how married life is treating them. A couple espressos turned into 8 caffeinated drinks, morning coffee turned into Saturday brunch and 6 mimosas later we finally had to tear ourselves away from these two. It's a solid reminder why we do what we do. Thank you for inviting us into your lives.

It made me realize that we hadn't blogged the video of their incredibly special and one-of-a-kind monster mash of a wedding. We had such a blast dancing to Thriller, seated amongst the classical horror themed decor and surrounded by new and old friends. We tried to keep their photos and video as energetic and non-tradition as their wedding by using a faster paced song and incorporating the details that set their day apart.



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