Waiting For The Weekend

Hey guys!

Hows your summer going? We've been given the gift of perfect weather lately, with the thermometer barely reaching the 80's. Couldn't be happier but I'm nervous about the looming winter weather this may be hinting towards.

So quick update on some stuff. First off, I'm in the middle of creating a new website and branding my photography separately from Going Home Productions - all for good reasons though! This is just a way to keep things neat and tidy, reduce useless information/visual overload on the GHP website and allow me to post all the images I take without restriction. I'll also have a  blog over there that's kept up to date with photo essays the the ones you'll read below. Until then this is where I'll be writing blog posts. Here's a screenshot of the new website!

Next topic on the agenda.

My good friend Jessie Goldenberg was recently featured in TimeOut New York with her unique take on a local boutique. Nomad, the wandering boutique truck, has graced the streets of New York and it's surrounding area of a couple years now and she's finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Anyway - she asked me to stop by the truck and take a few photos to send over to TimeOut to accompany their written article. I was more than happy to lend a hand to someone so sincerely genuine and talented as Jessie. Here's a few of my favorite shots, and be sure to read the article and learn about boutique trucks all over the city! A trend I'll happily support.

I just adore Jessie and I'm so happy to see things unfold for her. She just became engaged to a wonderful guy and is enjoying a vacation in beautiful Italy as I write this. You deserve it all, girl! Can't wait to work with Jessie again in the near future.

Lastly, I wanted to share my wonderful Saturday with you! Work has been slow lately just due to the nature of the job, but it's all kicking back up as expected. September is going to be ridiculously exciting, busy and full of adventure (California road trip!), but these last few days of August are slow and the perfect time to explore around New York with my love.

Yesterday we went the Bronx for a fun day in the sun and BEAUTIFUL weather we've been lucky enough to enjoy. First stop was the New York Botanical Garden. We walked the entire garden and saw everything from a replica Rockefellar rose garden, rock and succulent garden, a couple acres of back woods, greenhouses and waterfalls. It was a great location and perfect on a Saturday morning.

Then we went to the zoo because we had to. I can never tell if I'm depressed by it or truly enjoy it but this week happens to be World Elephant Week so we decided to each wear shirts with elephants on it and go donate towards my favorite animal. It was a lot of fun even though I swear the polar bear deserves a much larger habitat and the icees are overpriced.

Here are some snaps from are delightful day out on the town.

Hooray for summer!