Finally back on New York time! Even though I spent all day yesterday in a jet-lagged induced coma and I'm hungry at all the wrong times... I had an absolute blast in Las Vegas this past week! I was out in the desert mostly for work- but did have a chance to sneak in some creativity. My team at B&H and I headed out west for WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography trade show). We did our thing, talked the talk and walked the walk. Had some awesome speakers at the B&H stage, including but not limited to: Peter Hurley, Scott Kelby, Linsday Adler and Moshe Zusman. This was my first big event and my first time traveling with my whole crew, and I believe it was a great success!

On the first day, we arrived in the Las Vegas airport hungry and tired but ready to work. It was just over a 5 hour flight, and though we were sitting, watching the provided entertainment and answering the never ending amount of work emails, traveling just makes you exhausted! We got off the plane and were greeted by the smell of beer and the twinkling lights of the casino style terminals. This is Las Vegas.

I picked up my pimp mobile (aka mom van) and drove all the B&H kiddies to the conference center to start prepping for the shows opening. I, however, lucked out and got assigned to be present at a Beyond The Wanderlust event in Red Rock, immediately after landing. I brought my Canon 5D and a plethora of lenses, including a fisheye, 100mm portrait lens and the coveted Sigma 35mm (compliments of Anto). Thank goodness I did because the workshop was visually stunning. I've never been out to the desert before and I'm so grateful I had the chance to get lost in the nothingness of nature and photograph with the talented people of Beyond The Wanderlust. They arranged the most beautiful array of moments and provided 30+ people with the opportunity to test themselves as visual artists and walk away with incredibly styled images.

The rest of the week was work work work. But we partied at The Hakkasan at MGM, ate a 2 course steak meal for $8.99 (beer included!), lost money in seconds at those ridiculous machines and found the perfect view on the top level of the hotel parking garage. I saw mini Paris and went on a photo-walk through New York New York. I met up with family that I haven't seen in years, rekindled my friendship with one of my cousins and ate a home cooked meal in a house full of loving dogs- something I haven't been able to do in years.

It was an eventful and satisfying adventure out west. Now to sleep it off, get some work done in the office and head back out there! I'm coming for you again, Vegas! See you in two weeks :)