Let's play catch up.

Figured it best to write an update before heading out on the road again!

So far my work has been far too rewarding, beyond my wildest dreams. I've been hooked up with some optical swag and already attended / assisted a Peter Hurley workshop and a Scott Kelby tour. I've been flown to FL and now leave for Las Vegas to attend and work the B&H booth at WPPI. I've been told I'll spend most of my days on the road, collecting single-serving moments and spitting out camera knowledge to the ears of the intrigued. I can't wait to see where the future takes me... figuratively and literally.

Tampa was a joy. Besides that dreadful feeling of swimming through the air (which I conveniently blocked out of my mind for so long) it was more than I could ask for! Successful day of wearing a B&H shirt and talking gear, followed by a day and a half of Florida-style relaxation. Pubsubs, flip-flops, coffee houses and close friends. Met up with Kara Goldberg, the genius behind Lost and Found Production Co., and ran through the streets of Ybor City like we were in college again. Live music, cheap beers and cobblestone roads- my kind of Florida. Had an incredible cup of coffee at The Library Coffeehouse with my dearest Kara and finally got to hug and squeeze my best friend, Morgan :) A long and overdue hug/squeeze sesh. She's been my number one since 2005, and knowing her makes me a better person. We got some delicious grub at The Bricks and wandered through a street fair filled with tourists and locals alike. Did I mention the weather? Because I think we need to talk about the weather. 75 degree and sunny with the gulf perpetuating the most perfect ocean breeze. I dream about days like these... and I was able to spend this one with my best friends, adventuring through Tampa. We ended up at the Dali Museum in St. Pete which quite literally took my breath away. If you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it. I cannot begin to describe the beauty inside those walls. I was stunned, paralyzed with amazement. There were moments I literally felt my breath stolen. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it! I cannot thank Morgan and Will enough for driving me to this museum and paying regular price to see the Dali (and touring Warhol) exhibit. I got away with a student price because that's how I roll. We'll keep that between us.

Next on my list of blog topics: Another Feather
I've been an avid follower of Hannah and her delicate fine jewelry. When I saw she was having a trunk show at Steve Alan, I knew I had to stop by, meet the incredibly humble creator and nosh on some delicacies from Sunday Suppers. The store is in Chelsea, my second favorite Manhattan neighborhood (only to my beloved East Village) and pretty close to the SVA dorms. It was nice to be in that area again, browsing the diverse collections that share the walls of Steve Alan. Sunday Suppers delivered a delightful spread and introduced me to the world of black salt- my new obsession. Seriously. Check it out.

The jewelry was even more beautiful in person, and the kind face behind the table made my evening complete. Hannah was a pleasure to speak with and I'm so excited to see where the future takes her! New surroundings and new inspirations are on her horizon. I hope to see her again and share stories of travel and adventure!

Lastly: my day today.
I had a particularly nice day today and that prompted this blog. I wanted to express my love for Corey Christian and all he's done for me lately, as well as in the past and all the future joy he'll bless me with. He managed to get off work early today to spend it with me before I leave for Nevada. My new favorite photo walk path is throughout my little neighborhood of Alphabet City and the surrounding streets of the East Village. Corey and I take one at least once a week- but today's was great! We got me some film for my new little Fuji Instax and zigzagged our way through the village. Stopped by my favorite macaroon spot, stopped by VERAMEAT to finally see this awesome jewelry in person, perused some ridiculously over-priced thrift shops and ended with a walk through Tompkins Square Park, stopping to squeal at the cute puppies making friends in the dog run. We finished the night with Chinese food and FINALLY seeing Inside Llewyn Davis, and yes- it's as good as I hoped it would be.

Glad to catch-up. 
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BTW: I used to hate packing. I'm such a pro now. Las Vegas... what's up?!