Alphabet City - Brought to you by Magic Lantern

Happy February!

Corey here.

This is always one of my favorite months: things will hopefully start to thaw, two of our pets celebrate another year on earth (not to mention waiting on baited breath for Punxsutawney Phil), the Winter Olympics, International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and last but not least- Polar Bear Day!

To kick off the start of a new month we bring you a new section to our blog: the Motion Vlog! As you may already know, Paige and I have been taking all sorts of photo walks around our neighborhood and we've begun to get a real feel for Alphabet City. Its gritty, quaint, battered and vibrant... and I love everything about it. Its safe to say we've found our home in the East Village.

I've been really excited to try out Magic Lantern's RAW video on our 5Dmkii, and I finally decided it was about time to test it out! Figuring out the best workflow definitely took some time, but I've got to admit I am pleased with the results. So without further ado, here is our newest short: Alphabet City - East Village, NYC.

**Don't forget to watch in HD!**

Keep checking back with us as we'll be trying to get a new motion project out as often as we can!

Until next time,