This is a large collection, a wide variety, a plethora of images and visually stunning moments that have kept me creative and kept me motivated. To those I meet on my travels and the local artist who let me photograph their work, I say cheers! To those I have yet to meet, I'm excited for the what this universe has planned for us. This is just the beginning.


Renegade Craft Fair: Brooklyn 2013

These are a few of my favorite things! Incredible vendors and artists and their displays I saw at Renegade Craft Fair: Brookyln earlier this winter. Read about the artists on our journal!


These images are from Paige Denkin's thesis project, Danseuses d' Adagio. A discovery of inner strength within trained dancers, specifically female point dances. All edits were done on camera in an attempt to capture dance in its raw form. This is a glimpse at both her final pieces and the exploration of dance and photography that aided in the progression of her thesis. Her thesis advisor was a team including David LaChapelle and his incredibly talented New York studio employees. The first three images below were on display at SVA's MPS Digital Photography gallery in Chelsea, New York. The exhibit was titled Connecting Ends and it honored the work of many remarkable students and their final thesis projects. The dancers featured are Laine Byg, Giulia Spinelli, Ommaira Perez, Brianna Goodman and Rachel Neitzke. More of Connecting Ends, click here.


What's In Your Bag? All images by Paige Denkin. Many thanks to everyone who participated!


A jumbled collection of creative projects! Always adding more, never stop creating!