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OCTOBER 8, 2016




Hey ladies!


I grouped you all together to make contacting y’all a little easier on me. I love and miss you each dearly and I’m getting so damn excited for the wedding date! I can’t wait to see you each (and I’ll be in touch about a possible bridesmaid luncheon and the rehearsal brunch).


NEXT…. Being 6 months out from my wedding date (10/8/2016), it’s time to get bridesmaid dresses all figured out. So I already did the busy work, and have decided on two dress styles and multiple color options. I also found the best location for you each to go to, in your area.


I’d like to get this done by the end of the month considering the time it takes to order, and I’ll assume most of you will want some sort of alterations. Length is the only possible issue you’d run into - the dresses are “convertible” so it can be styled to whatever form you feel most comfortable in. I don’t mind the style.. there’s so many example videos on ways to tie it - get creative! Or don’t ahaha, I don’t mind!


We’re doing slightly different shades of colors for the dresses, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you hate the color or think it will do wonky things with your skin tone, but I tried to choose colors that will compliment you. I really want these dresses to be BALLER and something you’ll love and wear again. We have an incredibleeeee photographer ( coming so, being me, I can’t stop thinking about the visuals and the way everything will be captured. I think these colors together are killer.. here’s a link to the Pinterest board ( just so you can see the general colors and the styles and how they all look together.


Everything is going to be handled by Bella Bridesmaids and I’ve found locations in your area for you to visit (sorry Sommer, none in Reno.. make your mama go check out the Vegas location for you!).



MORGAN - Jenny Yoo “Aiden” Dress

Color: Storm

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

5611 Grove Ave.

Richmond, VA 23226

Make Appointment: 804-658-0105



KATEY - Jenny Yoo “Annabelle” Dress

Color: Mayan Blue

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

1622 Hendricks Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Make Appointment: 904-374-0351



SOMMER - Jenny Yoo “Aiden” Dress

Color: Mineral

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

170 S Green Valley Pkwy

Henderson, NV 89012

Make Appointment: 702-547-2355



KARA - Jenny Yoo “Annabelle” Dress

Color: Seagrass

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

3215 S MacDill Ave.

Tampa, FL 33629

Make Appointment: 813-443-4984



ELIZABETH - Jenny Yoo “Aiden” Dress

Color: Turkish Blue

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

2182 Bandywood Dr.

Nashville, TN 37215

Make Appointment: 615-383-8004



TARYN - Jenny Yoo “Annabelle” Dress

Color: Sterling Grey

Location: Bella Bridesmaids

3215 S MacDill Ave.

Tampa, FL 33629

Make Appointment: 813-443-4984


If you have any questions feel free to email or call/text.