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An Introduction

Paige Denkin

And just like that, I'm back. 

I feel extremely guilty for not updating this blog in nearly 3 months but life has a way of sidetracking you and keeping your interest until you finally crash in a giant nap coma among your furry friends and Polaroids of not so distant memories. I've had an extremely eventful couple of months and I'm excited to share the news with you all.


Let me introduce you to The Village. A new project I'm lucky enough to be a part of. The Village is a community based blog and feature site focusing primarily on fashion and travel, but allowing the artists and adventures to finally speak for themselves and share their stories like they've never been heard before. I was approached by the brilliant founder, Beth Harper, and asked to be a guest writer for their adventure section. After exploring their website and becoming fascinated with their humble upbringing and future endeavors... I knew I had to be a part of this beautiful movement. Beth and I sat down behind our webcams and Skyped for hours about future of The Village, and before I knew what hit me... Beth asked if I'd be interested in becoming the Creative Director for the entire project.... uh, DUH! I was honored and graciously took the position with starry eyes and big ideas. We're currently re-branding and reaching out to like-minded individuals who may be interested in The Village and share the same visions as we do.

The Village is a place for young adults to gather and share their stories with no judgement, no biased feelings and no pressure to be anything you're not. We're interested in what makes you tick, what sets you apart and what wakes you up in the morning... from your individual style to the epic journey across the country, we want your voice to be heard. Currently based all online, but I'm excited to push it to the next level and create beautiful quarterly print issues that will feature original photographic work, style highlights from real people searching for their identity, and stunningly documented travels and adventures from young adults who have made the world their play-place. We'll feature some predetermined interviews, but more than anything... we're excited to allow you to take the reins of your own story and write us the tale of your adventures or stylish endeavors. This is all about YOUR VOICE. No one can tell it better than you.

I urge you to discover The Village and become a part of a spectacular movement. I'm continuously impressed with what my generation has to offer and we want to support those individuals in any way possible. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in getting involved. Comment on this blog post or comment on The Village directly through their website.