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Paige Denkin

Oh, hello!

Time has slipped through my fingers, as it often does. Pesky calendar. I started a new position at my job and have been overwhelmed with the drastic change in schedule and agenda- but I'm here!


The weather is miserable, the sun is a joker and days are too short. But tomorrow looks bright from where I'm standing. Travel is in my future and 2014 seems promising. Corey and I are happy and taking advantage of the temporary relief from killer snowflakes. We've been taking long walks and photo adventures around manhattan, especially the east village (which has stolen my heart). I've put Corey in charge of a new section in our blog- video goodness! He's been shooting so much, I think it's silly he doesn't share... so now I'm making him :) Excited to see what he comes up with. I'm also extremely excited for the weather to cease its cruel games so Corey and I can escape the city for a while. Currently taking all hiking recommendations for New York state and the surrounding areas! Bless me with your wisdom, fellow adventurists!

To pass the time, I started a contest! I don't know how or why the idea came to me, but I figured a great way to get our name out was to spoil those who spread the word and constantly strengthen us with their support. So take advantage of my habit of jumping on every idea I come up with... and partake!

They're more like guidelines than rules:

  • Like BOTH our pages, both facebook and instagram.
  • Repost one of the contest photos on your page(s).
  • Include the hash-tag: Going Home Productions
  • Rejoice in the many splendors of local vendors!

In two weeks (13 days to be exact) I will pick three winners! And their prizes will go as follows:

>> 3rd place: A GHP goodie, all wrapped in love!
>> 2nd place: A GHP gift and some local goods.
>> 1ST PLACE: A GHP goodie bag with a print of your choice, plus a plethora of delights from some of my favorite local vendors!

I'll bug you guys again about this in a week, but for now- share the word! Support local artists and win fun things! That's a successful day.